Jonathan Gold eats oodles of noodles and a dumpling or two at Miàn

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Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times Jonathan Gold takes us to Miàn, a new Sichuan noodle house opened by Tony Xu in San Gabriel. Chef Xu is responsible for the wildly popular fare at Chengdu Taste. Miàn is the Chinese word for noodles and Jonathan says there are several noodle dishes to try there. First up: the Chengdu zhajiangmian, a bowl of springy wheat noodles served with crumbled pork, chopped scallions, pickles, chile and soft peas that are imported from Chongqing. Other recommendations include the hot and sour noodles in vinegar broth, the noodles with chopped gizzards in a chile sauce, the Huaxing egg noodles with a fried egg in tomato sauce. And for dessert: minced pork dumplings.

301 West Valley Boulevard, #114-115
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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