Global Warming and the Green Diet

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Blogger Kathy Freston, who argues that vegetarianism has a greater impact on reducing global warming than driving a Prius, suggests that people can make a difference in combating global warming at every meal. In making that argument, she points to livestock, which contributes to one-fifth of global warming emissions through crop growth for animal feed, transportation to slaughterhouses, refrigeration and distribution. Kathy says 70% of land is used in animal agriculture and 70% of the razed land in the rain forest is used by farmers for pasture and feed crops. She also reminds us that animals' digestive processes are a large part of producing methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide gases. Kathy blogs for the Huffington Post on the subjects of vegetarianism and the environment.

Biodynamics in Wine-making

One of the most sustainable restaurants in Los Angeles, Wilshire Restaurant will be hosting a three-course dinner on October 15, featuring bio-dynamically grown wines and foods from Rob Sinskey's estate and a talk with the winemaker. For more information or reservations for the $100/person event, con Wine Director Matt Straus at

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