Gardening, dishwashing, fighting for fridge space

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Culinary historian Toni Tipton-Martin describes the sustainability of recipes like macaroni and cheese, which can be traced back to James Hemings, an enslaved chef of Thomas Jefferson. Photo by Jerelle Guy.

The new year is an opportunity to scale back and reflect. While events at the Capitol stirs a brew of complicated emotions, Good Food takes a deep breath and starts the week with the power of simply planting a seed. Kazi Pitelka guides new gardeners on what to plant now. Peter Miller describes the zen of washing a sink full of dirty dishes. Cook’s Country editor Toni Tipton-Martin discusses her book, “Jubilee,” and her desire to shift philosophies of food stories and family recipes. Dakota Kim shares how her mother’s pandemic anxiety influenced the way she stocked the refrigerator. Chef Daniel Patterson shops for greens at the Santa Monica’s Farmer’s Market. Chef Glen Ishii keeps his family’s chashu marinade alive in Little Tokyo for this week’s segment of “In the Weeds.”



Evan Kleiman