Sharing recipes from the African American food story

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In her cookbook “In Pursuit of Flavor,” Edna Lewis describes her secrets of coaxing the natural goodness from the flavorful cut of roasted lamb leg. The recipe is a favorite of culinary journalist Toni Tipton-Martin, and describes her teenage son and his friends using Lewis’ recipe to create a meal. Photo by Jerrelle Guy. Body Photo: Toni Tipton-Martin traces recipes in the African American experience in her award-winning book, “Jubilee.” Photo courtesy of Clarkson Potter.

"This book broadens the African American food story," Toni Tipton-Martin writes in the introduction her award-winning book, “Jubilee.”  "It celebrates the enslaved and the free, the working class, the middle class, and the elite. It honors cooking with intentionality and skill, for a purpose and with pleasure." 

As the newly minted Editor in Chief of Cook’s Country magazine, Tipton-Martin grew up in Los Angeles, yet the soul food experience as described in cookbooks was not part of her upbringing. That made her feel isolated before researching and writing “The Jemima Code,” restoring the family values created by her mother.



Evan Kleiman