Sponge or dishcloth? Creating zen while washing the kitchen dishes

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Evan Kleiman’s dishes over the course of one day. In her discussion with writer Peter Miller, Kleiman reveals she uses a glug of vinegar along with her dish soap to get her plates squeaky clean. Photo by Evan Kleiman/KCRW

For many, the new year is about wiping the slate clean. It all starts with a bowl of sudsy water and a stack of dirty dishes. From there, Peter Miller describes the kitchen as an operating room and elevates the chore of cleaning up after meals to luxury status. As safer-at-home orders started in March, Good Food re-aired Miller’s anecdotes over the little things he has learned while standing over the kitchen sink. They’re from his book, “How to Wash the Dishes.” Ten months later, the dishes are still stacking up.

The cover of “How to Wash the Dishes.” Photo credit: Roost Books.



Evan Kleiman