In the Weeds: What we’re willing to give up for family

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Justin Pichetrungsi used COVID-19 as an opportunity to experiment with the menu at Anajak Thai. Known for its whole fish and fried chicken, he started making tacos to impress his Oaxacan cooks, which turned into Thai Taco Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Anajak Thai Cuisine

Justin Pichetrungsi’s father started Anajak Thai Cuisine in Sherman Oaks in 1981. Pichetrungsi grew up in the restaurant and describes his dad as a hustler in his native Bangkok. Working as a tempura chef in a Japanese restaurant and in a Jack in the Box, Pichetrungsi’s father opened his restaurant after 12 years. Following his father’s stroke, Pichetrungsi gave up his career as a concept artist and art director at the Walt Disney Company.



Evan Kleiman