The Menu, Hanukkah, tamales, French cakes

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"We wrote this stupid thing so that we can get free food and I don't think it's going to happen," jest screenwriters Seth Reiss and Will Tracy. Their film "The Menu," stars Ralph Fiennes (pictured) as a chef who exacts revenge on his well-heeled patrons. Photo courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.

Screenwriters Seth Reiss and Will Tracy tackle issues of class, consumerism, art, and privilege in "The Menu." Katianna and John Hong, the husband-and-wife duo behind Korean American restaurant and deli Yangban Society, discuss their blended Hanukkah and Christmas traditions. Michael W. Twitty, an African American Jewish writer and culinary historian, considers the "braid of influences" that have shaped his Hanukkah traditions. Want a new twist on the latke? Chef Chris Scott’s herbed potato and onion waffle is the perfect Hanukkah treat. From the ancient history of the tamal (which existed before the tortilla), to the variety of fillings, to regional twists, to different methods of preparation, Indigenous culinary anthropologist Claudia Serrato talks about tamales, top to bottom. Food writer Aleksandra Crapanzano shares the French approach to making dessert at home. Finally, chef Scott Zwiezen reopens Elf Cafe in Echo Park with a new look and some new additions to the menu.