Haunted Restaurants; Foodie Halloween Costumes; Orange Wine

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Halloween is just days away and author James Bartlett gives us plenty of spooky stories about haunted restaurants and bars in Los Angeles. Costume designer Hillary Parkin has ideas for DIY foodie Halloween costumes and Marcelle Bienvenu shares some vampire recipes from her True Blood cookbook. Wine guru Ray Isles explains orange wine - which is neither laced with orange food coloring nor made from oranges. Editor in Chief James Oseland walks us through 150 issues of Saveur. Plus, Jonathan Gold takes us out to another small-plates restaurant in Venice and LA Weekly food critic Besha Rodell declares five things that should never, ever, be served again in restaurants. At the market Laura Avery talks to Jessica Koslow of the recently opened Sqirl Cafe about her squash and Romanesco salad, and Gail Zannon of Santa Barbara Pistachio Company explains what is so special about so-called "green pistachios."

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