Not your mom's steak tartare or charcuterie plate

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When charcuterie pops up on the menu, we think cold carefully cured meat. But at Norah in West Hollywood, chef Mike Williams has broadened the definition to include pescatarian, raw and vegan options. The seafood charcuterie plate features smoked trout, octopus and shrimp. Chickpea sausage, mushroom carpaccio and cauliflower tartare make appearances on the vegetable charcuterie plate.

Since cauliflower is available now at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market in all its glorious forms — snow white, cheddar, purple and romanesco — Laura Avery peruses the selection at the Tamai Family Farms' stand for this week's market report. You can find Williams' cauliflower tartare recipe on the Good Food blog. But fair warning: this is not your mom's steak tartare or charcuterie plate.

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