Julia Child, Mediterranean cuisine, Jewish baking, food injustice

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In Julie Cohen and Betsy West’s new documentary “Julia,” the legendary chef describes her desire to make her audience fearless cooks, leading by example with her own sense of adventure and joie de vivre. Photo courtesy of Sony Picture Classics.

Julia Child completely changed how Americans thought about cooking, and a new side of the culinary phenom is shown in the documentary by Julie Cohen and Betsy West.  Lien Ta announces that Here’s Looking At You is reopening in Koreatown and shares the ups and downs of the restaurant during the pandemic. Claudia Roden is credited with introducing Middle Eastern cuisine to a larger audience and has a new cookbook cataloging recipes from the Mediterranean. Beth Lee prepares to bake up a storm for Hanukkah. New York Times California critic Tejal Rao discovers baby celery and other ingredients at the Torrance Farmer’s Market for vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes. Lastly, Priya Fielding-Singh researches food injustice and some misconceptions connecting class and diet.



Evan Kleiman