Kosher Wine; Maple Syrup; Texas Barbecue in L.A.; Momofuku

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The sap is running in maple trees around the northeast.  This week on Good Food, Rich Focht explains how real maple syrup is produced.   Akasha Richmond shares her Passover traditions.  Jeff Morgan is a vintner making kosher wines in Napa.  He explains why good kosher wine is hard to come by.  Jonathan Gold knows where to get good Texas barbecue in Los Angeles.  He has the details on two great spots.  A listener named George Olesky tells us how to make homemade coconut yogurt.  We'll hear about the world's largest Rice Krispies treat from Brian Malarky.  Crystal Galbraith is the woman behind the sting operation that exposed The Hump, the Santa Monica restaurant caught serving whale.  Maggie Nemser of Blackboard Eats has some ideas for Easter Brunch.  Plus, David Chang on New York's Momofuku chats with Good Food host, Evan Kleiman about how he got his start in the kitchen.  And, Laura Avery discusses the latest in raw milk in this week's market report.

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