LA Sriracha Festival, Coffee Beers, Lifesaving Condiments

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Randy Clemens, founder of the first annual LA Sriracha Festival shares a brief history of sriracha and how he likes to use it; plus, Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting discusses how craft brewers are experimenting with coffee in their beer. Sports fans beware - Pierre Chandon researched the negative effects that a team’s losing streak can have on your waistline. Jonathan Gold visits Bucato where he is impressed by Chef Evan Funke’s handmade pasta. Plus, Kathy Brennan and Caroline Campion offer some life saving advice for weeknight meals and third generation butcher Kari Underly explains why pork butt was recently renamed the Boston roast. For comic relief - Tom Saunders imagines what a conversation between a Vitamix and an espresso maker would sound like. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Serena Herrick about her market inspired cocktails and Ruth Jaime describes the different types of celery they sell at the Wednesday market.

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