Park’s BBQ, eating for the climate, foraging, tomatoes

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Jenee Kim shares the history of opening Park’s BBQ in Koreatown and how the restaurant adapted a communal dining experience to a to-go concept during the pandemic. Photo courtesy of Park’s BBQ.

Chef Jenee Kim of Park’s BBQ recalls opening the restaurant nearly two decades ago and how she persevered during the pandemic for a new edition of “In the Weeds.” Paul Greenberg has tips on lowering carbon emissions by consuming consciously. Chef Alan Bergo forages the familiar and exotic with new ways of looking at a sunflower and milkweed. Tomatoes are all the rage at the farmer’s market. Beth Dooley shares how a newly developed grain is regenerating the land in the Upper Midwest. Finally, Bill Addison reviews the Brentwood location of Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne’s second outpost of A.O.C..



Evan Kleiman