Composting 101: Worm bins, soil brews, and awareness

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Hevelynn Nealy started Serenity Garden in Pomona as a learning space which acts as a community composting hub. Photo by Shutterstock.

Hevelynn Nealy is the founder of Serenity Garden in Pomona. Nealy thinks that part of the solution to reduce organic landfill waste is community composting. She describes keyhole composting as an old African practice whereby organic matter decomposes among the soil to fertilize gardens. 

Awareness is the key to a hyper-localized solution for combating climate change, expresses Nealy. “We can all go out and connect in one spot like Serenity Garden, it’s just a common space. You bring your food scraps, you contribute, and we move on with our lives. It doesn’t have to be some grand event,” she says. 




Evan Kleiman