Preserving family recipes, grandma influencers, edible arrangements

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Delicate and fragile, artist Natasja Sadi creates lifelike floral arrangements from a pantry staple. Photo by Natasja Sadi.

Anissa Helou explains the importance of preserving your heritage through food. With the world, and New York Times critic at large Tejal Rao, watching, grandmothers are the new influencers of the online kitchen. California girl Claire Ptak moved to London; her new cookbook pays homage to both homes. Based in Amsterdam, Natasja Sadi imitates nature to create floral arrangements using sugar. Chef Chris Ono shops for blooming produce at the farmer's market. Finally, Asma Khan runs the only professional Indian kitchen in the world with an all-female staff; she pays tribute to the woman behind the food in her latest cookbook.