Claire Ptak’s killer recipe for gluten-free California cake

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Lemon meringue pie bars get a torch in Chez Panisse alum Claire Ptak's latest cookbook. Photo by Maren Caruso.

A Northern California girl who embraces local produce moves across the pond, opens a sweets shop, and winds up baking the wedding cake for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The premise sounds like an elevator pitch for a '90s rom-com but this plotline features Claire Ptak. A Chez Panisse alum, Ptak runs Violet, where she incorporates gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and vegan treats into her repertoire. She's here to talk about cake, the English way, and her new cookbook, "Love Is a Pink Cake."

It's vegan, it's gluten-free — it must be the California Cake. Photo by Maren Caruso.

Known for baking the wedding cake of Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle, Claire Ptak delights London with sweets from her shop, Violet Bakery. Photo by Pia Riverola.

Taking inspiration from her Northern California upbringing to the roots she planted in England, Claire Ptak enchants bakers with new recipes in "Love Is a Pink Cake." Photo courtesy of W.W. Norton.




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