Grandmas are the new influencers of the online kitchen

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Vicky Bennison (right) began filming nonnas around Italy for the YouTube series "Pasta Grannies." She later compiled their recipes into two cookbooks. Photo by Emma Lee.

All eyes on grandma as she cooks her way around online content, with the New York Times’ Tejal Rao

It used to be that grandma's recipes were documented in ink— maybe on notecards or in a makeshift bound book, their knowledge passed down in black and white shorthand, noting a pinch here and arcane cooking time there.

In 2023, grandmas are now on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, sharing their recipes not only with their kin, but the world. New York Times critic at large Tejal Rao began to wonder, how does grandma feel about the world watching?



  • Tejal Rao - California restaurant critic for The New York Times, author of “The Veggie” newsletter


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