RIP Gourmet Magazine; Backyard Farms; Top Chef; Tomato Leaves

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This week, Conde Naste announced it was shuttering Gourmet magazine after almost 70 years.  Food writer Jonathan Gold gives a eulogy for this highly respected publication.  And LA Times Food Editor Russ Parsons has some thoughts on what will take Gourmet's place in our diverse media landscape. 

Amanda Hesser explains how she's using the internet to write a cookbook.  Incredibly outspoken and confident Stefan Richter stops by with the scoop on being a reality show contestant.  Waiter X, Steve Dublanica, returns to Good Food with answers to your questions about how not to anger your waiter. 

Are tomatoes leaves really poisonous?  Food Scientist Harold McGee has the real deal.  Los Angeles Magazine's Ann Herold helps us with our backyard gardens.  Tara Kolla explains what is illegal about being an urban farmer in LA.  And farmer Alex Weiser shows off his onions at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

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