Salt; Gluten Free Beer; Legislating Nutrition; Asparagus

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Ask any chef the one ingredient they can't do without, and chances are they'll say salt.  This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman talks to Mark Bitterman, owner of The Meadow in Portland and New York where he sells hundreds of varieties of salt.  Beer Chick Christina Perozzi has some recommendations for gluten-free beer.  We'll go to a pan-Asian restaurant in Pasadena with Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan GoldLesley Bargar Suter of Los Angeles magazine shares her list of the ten best new restaurants in LA.  We'll hit the streets and hear what New Yorkers think of Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to limit soda consumption.  Plus Matthew Biancaniello of The Library Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel is making cocktails with farmers market ingredients.  And, asparagus is back at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.