California Olive Oil

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Debby and Phil Brooks own We Olive in Long Beach.  They specialize in California olive oils.  Evan tasted the following oils during her visit:

Robbins Family Farm - Jesse's Harmony Blend

Owen's Creek - Sicilian Style

Hillstone Olive Oil - Arbequina

McEvoy Ranch - Organic Olive Oil

We Olive also sells olive oils in bulk.  They have a number of varieties including organic Ascolano and Kalamata.

Trader Joe's also has several inexpensive oils.  The President's Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is usually $5.99 for a 1 ltr bottle, should be used for cooking and some salad dressings.  Trader Giotto's Sicilian Selezione, $6.99 for 500ml is good for drizzling.