30th Anniversary of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

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In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Santa Monica Farmers Market, we asked a handful of farmers to introduce themselves today on the show. Next time you are at the market, introduce yourself and tell your farmers how much you appreciate their hard work!

Details on the Good Food Festival events surrounding the 30th anniversary of the Farmers Market are here.

The farmers that we interviewed are:

Alex Weiser, Weiser Farms

Vilma Causey, Briar Patch Farm

John Tenerelli, Tenerelli Orchards

Bob Polito, Polito Family Farms

Barbara Spencer, Windrose Farm

Nate Peitso, Maggie’s Farm

Ed Munak, Munak Ranch

Truman Kennedy, Kennedy Farms

Troy Regier, Regier Farm

Harry Nicholas

Ron Cornelson, Honeycrisp

Harry Starus, Harry’s Sprouttime

Arturo Reyes, McGrath Family Farms


Music break: Grigiopela by Gianfranco Plenizio