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Thanksgiving is the most food-focused day in the United States but its celebration is complicated by history and was not proclaimed a national holiday until 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln. Photo by Needpix/CC 2.0

The countdown to the Super Bowl of the food world has begun — Thanksgiving. It’s an imperfect holiday, rife with historical baggage, and a lot of likes and dislikes swirling around the table. However, it is the one holiday that is focused entirely on food, and after covering this celebration for so many years, what brings Good Food host Evan Kleiman the most joy is how every family makes it their own.

Kleiman is joined throughout the show by Genevieve Ko, senior editor at the New York Times, as they answer some of the most frequently asked cooking questions. Guests also share stories of their first Thanksgiving celebrations, new traditions, and the generosity that can be extended across the table.

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