Getting the party started with jollof rice

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Chef Kavachi Ukegbu says that Thanksgiving cooking gets competitive and a non-negotiable dish for every gathering is jollof rice. Photo courtesy of Grubido/ Jeno Media.

Houston-based chef Kavachi Ukegbu says that in Igbo culture, Thanksgiving is like Christmas, and every auntie wants to show up the other and give everyone their best. A must-have on her Nigerian table is jollof rice, as it’s considered “party rice.” Her book is “The Art of Fufu.”

Fufu, made with yam, cassava, yucca, plantain, oats, and other ingredients, is a staple food of West Africa and typically eaten with soups. Recipes and traditions are shared in “The Art of Fufu.” Photo courtesy of Greenleaf Book Group Press.



Evan Kleiman