The Royal Wedding; Tequila; Eating out with Kids

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This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, we'll get a preview of the menu at the upcoming Royal Wedding from former chef to the Queen, Darren McGrady.  Chef Walter Manzke tells us what he likes to do with rhubarb.  We'll go to Son of a Gun with Jonathan GoldJessica Ritz shares her strategy for eating out with kids.  We'll take a trip to Solvang to taste some Danish food with Eddie LinEric Mader gives us an update on the honey bees.  Fred Warner tells us why we should move beyond Cuervo and instead sip some good tequila.  Plus Gustavo Arellano has the name of the best Pho restaurant in Orange County.  And, Laura Avery has the solution for those pesky garden snails.