The Science Show: Calories, Fermentation and Meat Patents

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Ever wonder why onions make us cry, or what causes a brain-freeze? Food writer Jared Levan answers all of your vexing food science questions. Professor and author Marion Nestle decodes calories and UCLA Professor Amy Rowat describes what a semester in her Science and Cooking class is like. "Beer Chick" Christina Perozzi walks us through home brewing your own holiday beer and Sandor Katz spreads the wild fermentation gospel. Butcher and food industry legend Gene Gagliardi explains meat patents. Plus, Jonathan Gold reviews Laurel Hardware, where the cocktails are the main draw. At the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, farmer Barbara Spencer discusses the many varieties of potatoes at her stand, as chef Vinny Dotolo shops for persimmons for a date cake topped with pureed Hachiya persimmons, Mascarpone cheese and sea salt.

Banner image: Windrose Farm booth at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market

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