The Source Restaurant; Cooking for Michael Jackson; Burgers

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Hear Akasha Richmond's fascinating culinary journey from cooking at The Golden Temple with Yogi Bhajan and moving on to cook for Michael Jackson for 14 years before opening Akasha Restaurant. Damian Paul, a member of The Source Family and former manager of The Source Restaurant, discusses the food and the scene at the iconic 1960's organic restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. Jonathan Gold shares his experience eating with three Michelin-starred chefs from Hong Kong in the San Gabriel Valley. Bon Appetit's Adam Rapoport offers alternatives to the all-beef burger and chef Andy Ricker talks about the regional variations of lab, a signature dish in Thailand. Plus, Roxana Jullapat defines cream pie, silk pie and chiffon pie. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Alex Weiser about melons and Terranea's Michael Fiorelli shares a recipe for stone fruit and burrata salad with arugula pesto.

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