Vincent Price, Dinner with a Cannibal, Scallops

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We're celebrating Halloween with scary movies instead of candy this year. Victoria Price, daughter of the famous horror-film actor Vincent Price, is here to discuss her father's passion for food, and Elina Shatkin of the LA Weekly co-hosts a Vincentennial pot-luck honoring the centennial of Price's birth and his cookbook, A Treasury of Great Recipes. The spooky segments continue. While Carole Travis Henikoff discusses how cannibalism may have led to our development as humans, Richard Wrangham tells us he believes it was cooking that caused the evolution from homo erectus to homosapienJonathan Gold revisits Roy Choi's Chego, and Adam Gopnik is here to explain why America's slow-food movement has missed the mark. Plus, everything you ever wanted to know about scallops. Karin Tammi shares some fascinating details on the popular mollusk. 

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