Vive la France; Wine Bars; Church and State; Ice Cream Architecture

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The French language is full of food related idioms.  Clotilde Dusoulier gives us some examples.  Is French cuisine in decline?  Michael Steinberger thinks so.  David Lebovitz has some stories about living as an ex-pat in Paris.  Is it okay to stare at the food at the next table?  Helena Echlin tells us the etiquette of ogling food.  New wine bars are popping up everywhere in L.A.  Lesley Balla gives us her favorites.  Jonathan Gold heads downtown to discover the unification of Church and State.  Architecture and food become one at the Coolhaus ice cream truck.  Owners Freya Estreller and Natasha Case share their creative flavors.  Plus, Mark Peel and Barbara Harris Cury take us on a tour of the Gamble House in Pasadena.  And, Hans Rockenwagner shares a recipe with Laura Avery.

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