Pasjoli review: 4 dishes to try at Dave Beran’s Dialogue follow-up

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LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison calls chef Dave Beran “one of the great intellectual minds of our dining scene." With the success of his tasting menus at Dialogue, Beran elevates French dining with his sophomore restaurant, Pasjoli.

Addison’s recommendations

Canard à la presse: "This crazy duck press harkens back to Escoffier's time in Paris," Addison writes. “If you’re up for the spree, is the spectacle worth planning a reservation around? Yes.”

Foie de poulet à la Strasbourgeoise: “A mischievous indulgence: chicken liver, plumped up with butter and sotted on Madeira, masquerading as foie gras au torchon.

Chocolate souffle: “Textbook perfect. ... Save room for it.”

Vanilla bean rice pudding: “...inspired by the famous and relentlessly caloric version at Paris’ L’Ami Jean, hovering over candied pecans and offset with pineapple caramelized for six hours.



Evan Kleiman