Beefalo; Underground Fermenters; Gluten-Free Holiday Baking

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Even the gluten-free can enjoy holiday baked goods.  This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, Shauna James Ahern, aka Gluten-Free Girl, explains how it's done.  Tom Philpott tells us the positives and negatives of the latest food bills.  Have you heard of the Beefalo?  It's part cow, part buffalo and rancher Mark Merrill raises them in Washington state.  Burkhard Bilger finds out about underground food movements dealing in bacteria.  We'll go to Huge Tree in Pasadena with Jonathan Gold.  Eating in the low-country with Enjolik Oree-Bailey.  Plus Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections shares her noir and blanc fruitcakes with us.  And chef Tony DiSalvoof Whist at the Viceroy shares a hearty rustic soup recipe.


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