Breathable Cocktails; Mama's Tamales; Eating Alone; Free the Bees

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Laura Avery visits with Anisette Brasserie owner Alain Giraud as he shops for cherries to make a cherry clafouti.  She also samples fresh walnut oil from La Nogalera Walnut oil. Breath in your next cocktail, say the creators of the breathable cocktail, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr.  Raising bees is illegal in New York City says Nadia Johnson of Just Food, hopefully that will change.  Pork can be raised humanely, so why isn't it says activist Nicolette Hahn Niman.  And what listeners eat when they eat alone.  Cookbook author Deborah Madison found a lot of strange habits for solo consumption too. Jonathan Gold visits Golden State and MacArthur Park has been cleaned up due to tamales. That's what Sandi Romero or Mama suggests.  Meet Deborah Stern, La Guera Tamalera, who came out of the Mama's Tamales program.  And Derek Walker from St. Joseph's Center in Venice is feeding and helping the homeless.

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