Bushmeat; Five Guys Burgers; Mark Bittman; Jonathan Gold on Playa

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This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, The New York Times' Mark Bittman tells us why he made the jump from his Minimalist column to the Op-Ed section of the paper.  We'll get a taste of John Sedlar's new restaurant, Playa, from Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan GoldLisa Pharaoh and Alice Macharia address the illegal hunting of wildlife for busmeat in Africa.  We'll tap into the wisdom of crowds to help solve the obesity epidemic with Christy Harrison.  Plus, Gustavo Arellano takes us to a Lebanese restaurant in Little Arabia.  Lesley Balla takes us to some new and burger joints in LA, including Five Guys.  And Stefano De Lorenzo of La Botte shares a recipe for baby artichoke salad.