Croatian and Slovenian Wines

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George Cossette, wine expert and co-owner of Silverlake Wine, decants Croatian and Slovenian wines from the Adriatic region. During a recent Sunday wine tasting, the wine store featured these unique wines and sold almost every bottle in stock. George recommends:

  • Bibich, Debit 2005 Croatia (white)
  • Kozlovic, Malvazilja – known more commonly as Malvasia-2005 Croatia (white)
  • Batic, Sivi Pinot Reserve - known more commonly as pinot gris – 1999 Slovenia (white)
  • Dingac, Plavac 2005 Croatia (red)
  • Zlatan Otok, Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru 2004 Croatia (red)
  • Santomas Refosk Big Red Reserve 2001 Slovenia (red)

Silverlake Wine
2395 Glendale Blvd.
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