La Cocina Community Kitchen

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San Francisco is a city of gustatory delights – a mélange of cuisines, multicultural influences and world-class chefs all coming together in a food lover’s dream.  While it seems an ideal place to develop a food-related business -- whether it’s a restaurant, catering business or producing specialty foods -- finding the financial and educational resources to do it can be completely off-limits to low-income and minority food entrepreneurs.

That’s where La Cocina Community Kitchen comes in.

La Cocina is a non-profit, shared-use professional kitchen that provides training, business support and technical assistance to members of the community who don’t have access to business resources.  The organization’s program director, Caleb Zigas, shares his passion for La Cocina – telling us how the program works and celebrating a few of their success stories.

A list of the businesses supported by La Cocina Community Kitchen are available on their website.

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