Some Like It Hot

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Jonathan Gold turns up the heat with a visit to Chichen Itza – a downtown Los Angeles restaurant that specializes in the habanero-infused cuisine of Mexico’s Yucatan region.   Chichen Itza is known for its habanero salsas, which may vary in potency but are all citrusy, flavorful complements to the restaurant’s sumptuous dishes.

So what’s on the menu?  Jonathan recommends the tostada-like panuchos; the delectable fried patties of ground beef and bulgur wheat called kibi; the cochinita pibil, a rich cut of pork that is rubbed with chiles and spices and steam-cooked; and the tikin-xic, a deliciously seasoned sole fillet.
Chichen Itza
2501 W. Sixth St.
Los Angeles, CA  90057

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