Compostable Disposables; Pakistani Mulberries; Tasting Wine; Movie Theater Food

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The LA Opera  is performing Wagner's Ring Cycle.  This week, we'll visit the orchestra musicians backstage and find out what they eat when playing over 17 hours of opera over 4 days.  Jonathan Gold takes us to Roy Choi's new restaurant, Chego.  Sun Chips recently unveiled a compostable bag.  Brand manager Jennifer Saenz explains what it's made of and what to do with it.  Karen Higgins of the LA Department of Sanitation weighs in on what bin the bag should go in.  Ernie Whalley is a professional wine writer who sometimes tastes more than 150 wines in one sitting.  He tells us how its done.  What's the etiquette behind bringing your own food to the movie theater?  Helena Echlin of sorts our the dos and don'ts of eating at the movies.  Allison Costa has some great restaurant suggestions for Ventura County.  Plus, host Evan Kleiman tastes specialty vinegars with Phil Brooks of We Olive.  And Sauce on Hampton's Sassan Rostamian shows off Pakistani mulberries.