Compostable Disposables

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Sun Chips

Jennifer Saenz is a brand manager with Sun Chips, part of Frito Lay.  Sun Chips unveiled a new compostable bag made from polylactic acid, a polymer made from plants.  The package can be composted, but not through the city of Los Angeles.

Garbage Bins

Karen Higgins is the manager of LA City Facilities Recycling Program for the Bureau of Sanitation.  According to Karen, the Sun Chips bags shouldn't go in the green bin and it can't be composted through the city program.  The city is currently researching and testing how to handle these bio plastics.  

The following items can go into the green bin:

Weeds (remove dirt)
Tree branches
Fruit & vegetables
Clean wood (free of nails, paint, & other treatment)

More info on what goes in each bin here.


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