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For five summers, The Fruit Detective, David Karp, sought out the best California stone fruits –- peaches and nectarines with a rich, juicy sweetness that is often elusive in today’s commercial varieties. One of his favorites is the white Snow Queen, a medium-to-large sized fruit that's more oblong than most nectarine varieties.  It's soft, white skin blushes and is often freckled with sugar spots, indicating a particularly sweet fruit.  It's flesh is dense, packed with a juicy, lush, sugary creaminess.

David Karp can be found walking his beat at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market every Wednesday, sleuthing the stands and looking for his next great find.  He recently wrote an article, which features two delectable nectarines:  The Snow Queen and the Stanwick.  It will appear in the July/August issue of Fruit Gardener Magazine.

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