Eating and drinking celluloid: Food and wine in film

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The sonic kitchen band is a recipe for satirical horror in Peter Strickland’s “Flux Gourmet.” Photo courtesy of IFC Midnight.

Boiling and blending, filmmaker Peter Strickland likens creating music in a band to layering ingredients in a recipe. His satirical horror film is “Flux Gourmet.” Zimbabwean winemaker Tinashe Nyamoduka strives to demystify the vine and promote inclusivity. Documentary producer-director Lori Miller followed natural winemakers during California’s devastating wildfires who are still working to maintain the ancient beverage’s integrity. Curious to know if her highly-frequented restaurant survived the pandemic, animator Elizabeth Ito found the subject of her new film. Actor Jeremy Allen White describes his role as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, a chef with struggles both in and out of the kitchen, in the wildly popular series “The Bear.” Obligation, responsibility, and respect are factors in the fight to reclaim white sage in Rose Ramirez and Deborah Small’s new documentary.