Girl Scout Cookies

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If you’ve been approached by your neighborhood Girl Scouts recently, then you know it’s Girl Scout Cookie season, which officially kicked-off on January 20th and is in full swing until the end of March.  Melanie Merians is the Chief Development Officer for Girl Scouts of the San Fernando Valley -- she visits with us to talk about the Girl Scout cookie program, which is considered the nation’s premier leadership and business development program for girls.  The voluntary program teaches girls about goal setting, money management, public speaking and other practical skills.

Melanie tells us where the money goes, how the recipes have changed over the years, and even brings some cookies for a taste test.

If you don't have a girl scout pounding on your door and you want to locate a purveyor, go to the Girl Scouts website and input your zip code.

Girl Scout Cookie facts:

21 truckloads, (1,050,000 pounds) of flour is used during peak production of Girl Scouts Cookies.
230,000 pounds of peanut butter is used for Do-si-dos and Tagalongs each week.

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