Emotional eating, recipes for future catastrophes, Haitian soup

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The “Human Hyena” project by Paul Gong proposes a radical solution to future food crises through the expansion of our digestive abilities. The project imagines how synthetic biology could transform the human digestive system to resemble that of hyenas. Photo by Andrew Kan.

Mary Beth Albright discusses the new field of psychology that examines how food and eating are linked to mood. After sitting on a panel with five billionaires, Douglas Rushkoff began exploring how the megarich are preparing for the end of the world. Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft returns with an update on cultured meat. Curators Zane Cerpina and Stahl Stenslie rethink eating habits, challenge food taboos, and explore new recipes for humanity’s survival in a new cookbook. Chef and children’s book author Cybille St. Aude-Tate explains the origins of Haiti’s independence day dish, soup joumou.