Kitchen hacks, The Eso 8, superweeds, savory pancakes

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In this week’s restaurant review, Bill Addison visits HanEuem in Koreatown, where Chef Wonsuk “John” Kang is preparing savory pancakes, freshly shucked oysters in a spicy sauce, and traditional banchan. Photo by Bill Addison.

What’s the old adage — there’s no use crying over spilt milk? The same goes for burnt toast, according to Cal Peternell. He offers hacks and fixes for the most common kitchen flubs. Next, mother and daughter Maria and Cindy Vera share their battle with the city to keep their family business called La Gloria, which has been making flour tortillas since 1954. Gustavo Arellano returns to share the Eso 8 in the flour and corn brackets of the Great Tortilla Tournament of Champions. H. Claire Brown reports on herbicide’s losing battle against superweeds. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison bites into an array of savory pancakes in Koreatown. And quince is having its day at the farmer’s market.



Evan Kleiman