Market Report: Exploring the Alhambra Farmers Market

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This week the Market Report ventures out to the San Gabriel Valley—namely the Alhambra Farmers Market , which has long been a treasure trove of fresh Asian produce. Gillian Ferguson   caught up with Picklé owner and cooking teacher Jessica Wang , who’s searching for cucumbers for her homemade Korean and Chinese pickles. Her next seasonal kimchi workshop with Susan Yoon is on September 15th. 

Meanwhile, farmer Robert Dimitman of Kwa Luk Gardens in Covina shares about his lychee crop, highly coveted among shoppers—his stand usually sells out by 9:30 a.m.

Farmer Robert Dimitman who grows the lychees. His farm is called Kwa Luk Gardens in Covina. Photo credit: Gillian Ferguson 



Evan Kleiman