The Market Report

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Laura Avery chats with certified organic farmer James Birch of Flora Bella Farm about his figs and red Bartlett pears. He slices figs in half and tops them with a piece of mozzarella, then grills them until tender.

Laura also speaks with Laurie Semon, co-owner of Olives Gourmet Grocer, a specialty neighborhood food store in Long Beach that provides full service catering, homemade specialties and hot meals every night. Laurie cuts fresh peaches in half and grills them, then stuffs the centers with whipped goat cheese. She also slices zucchini into medallions, then grills them with salt and pepper. She's got tips for fresh squash as well.  Dice it up and sautee it with onions.

Music Break -- Dallas Delight - Buck Clayton & Buddy Tate