Father's Day BBQ; Mongolian Food; Challenging McDonald's

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This week on Good Food, celebrate Father's Day by firing up the grill.  Host Evan Kleiman talks to Frank Ostini of The Hitching Post II.  He's a master of Santa Maria BBQ.  Also, for your Father's Day barbecue, Shuji Sakai suggests we go beyond burgers and dogs.  He share some meat ideas for the grill.   Thomas McCaney tells us how the Sisters of St. Francis are challenging fast food giant McDonald's.  Jonathan Gold takes us out for Central Vietnamese noodles.  We'll get a taste of Mongolia with Eddie Lin.  Plus, Carrie Cusack shares her Auntie Clara's pie recipe.  We'll get a kid-friendly pasta recipe from Samantha Barnes.  And, David Karp explains what Sacramento is doing about farmers market regulation.

Photo: Eddie Lin

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