The Market Report

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Laura Avery chat with Mark Peel, chef-owner of Campanile restaurant, who loves the fresh berries this time of year. His favorite variety of strawberry right now is the Avalon. Also good are Seascape and Gaviota.  He also likes to buy Agretti, a herb-like vegetable that is available right now from some farmers.  He sautes it quickly with a little garlic and olive oil.


Fresh morel mushrooms are also available right now. They need to be washed well since they grow in sandy soil.  Cook them slowly over low heat in olive oil. He eats them with chicken breast or any other kind of meat.

Cherries are here! Brooks are the first variety to make it to the market. Look for Tulare to come next before the dark red Bings.


Music break: Mon Manage a Moi by Ze Maria