Icelandic cuisine, endangered foods, tamal carts

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Icelandic chef Gísli Matt is using the eggs of guillemot, a local seabird, in a scramble served with lovage and rye at his restaurant, Slippurinn. Photo by Karl Petersson.

Natalia Pereira shares her life in recipes, canvassing photography, art, and poetry inspired by her memories of the Brazilian cuisine of her youth. Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Bill Addison marvels at the Iranian breads of Kouzeh Bakery. Icelandic chef Gísli Matt honors traditional ingredients while using modern techniques. Food journalist Dan Saladino researches generations of food eaten and those at risk. It may be winter, but tropical fruit is at Southern California farmers’ markets. Finally, engineer Richard Gomez is pimping a new food cart soon to hit the streets of Los Angeles.



Evan Kleiman