Guavas and tropical fruit: The arm wrestle between winter and spring produce

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Chefs Liz Johnson and Will Aghajanian are making a guava sorbet at their Hollywood restaurant, Horses. Photo courtesy of Horses.

Chefs Liz Johnson and Will Aghajanian of Horses tell market correspondent Gillian Ferguson that Los Angeles fruit is a luxury that they want to showcase on their menu. They are making a guava sorbet in which they whip in champagne and pour more champagne over it tableside. Boozy, sweet, light, and tart, the sorbet is a take on the famous bellini at Harry’s Bar

Romeo Coleman at Coleman Family Farms has a late season guava. With white and pink varieties, they are floral where seeds and all can be eaten. Also at his stand are cherimoyas. Scaly on the outside and soft like an avocado, Ferguson describes the flavor as Juicy Fruit gum.



Evan Kleiman