Alternatives to Feeding the Homeless

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Danielle Noble talks about the issue of food and homelessness and how leaving food in public places violates the new City of Santa Monica ordinance.

4.55.075 Leaving property in City parks, parkways and sidewalks.

           No person shall dispose of or donate any food, clothing or property by depositing or leaving it unattended in a City park or on an adjacent City sidewalk or parkway. (Added by Ord. No. 2230CCS § 1, adopted 5/22/07)
Noble is the Senior Administrative Analyst for Homeless Services in the City of Santa Monica.

To learn more about fighting hunger, visit and Share Our Strengths. For a list of agencies working to end hunger and homelessness, visit the Westside Shelter & Hunger Coalition (WSHC). If you anticipate having perishable food to donate, plan ahead with the Westside Food Bank and Los Angeles Regional FoodbankYou can so contact, Mazon, a national non-sectarian anti-hunger nonprofit, which funds both the Westside Food Bank and the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.

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