Dining in Afghanistan

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Susan Marx lives in Afghanistan with her husband Chris.  She works for a non-governmental, human rights organization.

Afghani Snack Shop


Seller of nuts and other snacks in the old city of Kabul

Roasting Chickpeas in Afghanistan

A man roasts chick peas in an open-flamed oven


Afghani Breakfast Bread


Bread dough eaten for breakfast is fried in a pan of oil

Afghani Cheese

White cheese sold on the streets on carts.


Pilau in Afghanistan


A man tosses a huge dish of Pilau in Sheberghan, Jawzjan Province

Afghani Nan


Afghanistan has a number of different kinds of naan, in Kabul it tends to be longer, and not shiny like this, Sherberghan has some of the best bread - almost sweet.

Fish Seller in Afghanistan


This man sits atop an open-flame oven in which he grills fresh river fish from the Salang Pass


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